Software Development

With decades of experience, our software solutions have proven to help businesses meet their objectives sooner and within budget. Our focus on quality, time and cost ensure we’re able to provide an effective return on your investment. With engineering teams working directly with you to develop tailor-made IT applications to automate processes, removing risk and reduce cost our philosophy is to ensure we’re helping optimize your business through IT-based solutions. Our Architects assist in helping define strategies built around your business goals and vision; while our engineering and project teams help bring that vision to life.

We are a trusted partner who will work with you and provide you the ability to focus on your core business with the assurance that your IT needs will be met.

Building software solution to help organizations become more efficient and effective is what we do. Let us help your business strive.

Metrics Based Results for The Benefit of Everyone

We ensure we understand the problem, business goals, as well gaining an understanding of your operating model. Working with you to determine and agree metrics to evaluate success before initiating design and development tasks.

When you review the plan of attack you will have an opportunity to evaluate our data to see if the proposed results will meet your exact needs. Once we get your approval that the plan of attack, and proposed results based on our data look good, we will move on to the development phase.

Remaining Compliant is in our DNA

We pride ourselves on being compliant with policies and procedures outlined by your organization when working in your environment. We understand that it may not be possible to assess/evaluate a solution outside of your environment, so when working within your environment, we ensure our team adhere to you processes and procedures.

We ensure we comply with any regulatory requirements through a combination of new and traditional technology to accelerate meeting your goals.

Complex Software Applications with Easy to Use Intuitive Designs

Meeting your strategic goals is always our focus. We will do everything in our power to make sure that we go above and beyond the bar so that your business has the tools it needs to perform operations as efficiently as possible. Our number one priority is making sure that we meet your strategic objectives verifiable with hard, quantifiable data.

P3 Technology will help drive your potential

No matter the stage of your business, we can assist you in meeting your next goal and raising the benchmark for your next goal. Whether you are a small, medium or enterprise level organization, our custom IT solutions can assist.

Our Expertise

  • Financial and Regulatory Compliance solution
    • Sanctions and AML screening and monitoring
  • Financial Mobile and Web application development
  • Cloud Strategy and Migration
  • Digital Transformation
  • System Consolidation and Optimization.