Cloud Migration

Why migrate your services to the cloud?

In today’s world, time to market is key to make sure your business is successful and have an edge over your competitors. Public cloud provider such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP and others have made it possible to develop solution quicker without a heavy upfront costs and commitment.

Managing large data centres of servers is no longer cost effective and is an additional burden on an organisation distracting your organisation away from it’s core business.
Scale up on demand without having to determining/predicting your demand.

How do you migrate service to Cloud?

Migration to cloud environment can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t have the skill sets within the team or organisation. Getting it wrong can be a costly exercise and move resources away from objectives that you’ve committed to.
This is where we can help. P3 Technology are experienced in planning and executing cloud migrations

Maintaining Services within the Cloud

P3 Technology can help maintain, manage and enhance your services within the cloud. You’ll be able to enhance services sooner by being in a position to leverage managed services offered within the cloud environment.

P3 Technology Limited are an AWS APN Registered Partner.