All FCA regulated firms are required to demonstrate that their staff are competent to perform their role. Devising a process which enables the assessment of staff competence, identification of training needs and then implementation of the required courses/training to ensure that staff are up to speed is crucially important. A key area of business for P3 Technology initiatives is in the provision of training and assessing staff.

P3 Technology Initiatives offers on and offsite training, at both a senior and junior level. We can assess staff, recommend who needs training and the level of training required to meet required competence levels. We can plan and arrange courses or ongoing training and have run successful “train the trainer” schemes in a number of large financial organisations.

Whilst minimum standards of performance will be required before an individual can carry out their role, competence does not have to be achieved prior to undertaking the activity as long as appropriate supervision is in place. However, once an individual is assessed as competent the level and intensity of supervision can become significantly lower.

P3 Technology are able to put in place clear criteria and procedures for both achieving and maintaining competence.